Weekend Workshop or I love learning

Spent the weekend at a Kinetic Jewelry Workshop lead by Sarah Doremus, sponsored by MASSC.  I’ve been to so many workshops where the facilitator is bored, overly controlling and/or frustrated with the varying level of students.  Not the case this weekend – the instructor was generous, patient, friendly, & very enthusiastic.  Plus, added bonus,  learning from other attendees – everyone seems to have some bit of information to share / show – I finally saw how to solder with wire from the roll!

I made crude (very, very crude) examples of all the projects – no bothering with filing or buffing, I just wanted working models to use.   Covering in firescale, rough/sharp edges, wire hanging out {lol}, nevertheless I have examples of a crank toy, a telescoping rod, dog/baby gate hinge and a spinning object using ball bearings.   Can’t wait to get started.  Nothing like an interesting workshop, filled with interesting people to relight the spark.



~ by khmetalwork on December 10, 2012.

One Response to “Weekend Workshop or I love learning”

  1. oh, I’m totally jealous!!!! I wanna play!

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