Show Season – Getting ready for NEXT year.

I learned my lesson about not checking out shows before signing up, I’ve found myself at shows that have no organization, no advertising, resale vendors…a colossal waste of time, money and energy.  Now no matter what anyone tells me about a show,  I never do a show without going to it first to check it out, and this is the best time to check out shows for next year.  So, I’ve got my list of shows for this weekend and I’m ready  – plus, I love going to shows.

First I look at the show as a whole; does it look cohesive, does it look like an artist market or flea market. Is there a mix of items or is the show heavy on one or two products. What is the range of price points and how/where would my work fit into the show.

Then I start looking at the what’s going on at the show: are there shoppers, do I see anyone buying, where are the bathrooms, parking, signs, advertising, inside, outside, electricity, are there staff members around, central cash register, etc.

At that point I start to talk to the sellers – especially people I know or people selling comparable items or items at a comparable price point. I tell them I am checking out the show for next year and ask them what they think – I don’t recall anyone not talking to me. I don’t ask any specifics in terms of sales, and I ask them about other shows they do – it’s usually a nice conversation with an exchange of business cards.

Take a couple of pictures, write some notes & wish everyone good sales.  Well worth the time spent.


~ by khmetalwork on November 30, 2012.

2 Responses to “Show Season – Getting ready for NEXT year.”

  1. Good article Karen! Thanks for sharing.

  2. great idea. Some of us have been chatting the past couple of days about show booth evolving. And I was saying I may take next year off and just visit shows and work on my booth. Good luck to you!

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