Putting yourself first

I never thought I was a ‘People Pleaser’, if you asked a few days ago what I thought of People Pleasers I would have said something not particularly complementary.  That was a few days ago…today I understand I am a People Pleaser, I put other people’s priorities above my own.

I went to a show on Saturday and while unloading my displays, I stretched into my car to pick up a box that was heavier than I remembered, and pull / torn some muscles in my back.  I saw stars for a moment, worked my way back to standing and told my son (my show assistant for the day), he’d have to unload the car alone.  I was/am in serious pain, but continued working to set up.  I really wanted to load it all back in and drive on home, but didn’t want to tell the organizer I was leaving – thought that wouldn’t be very nice. …not be very nice thing to do – I could barely move & felt a bit sick to my stomach, and I was concerned leaving wouldn’t be nice.

I learned a lesson, I am never going to do anything again to make someone else happy to my detriment.  I’m not sure if going home immediately would have made any difference in the physical pain I feel today – but for certain I wouldn’t feel like such a fool.  Today is my day – that phrase I thought so trite, ‘today is the first day of the rest of your life’ well, today is my day.   No more doing a show or staying at a show to make someone else happy.  No more taking custom orders I don’t want to make.  No more doing favors I don’t want to do.   So many ‘no mores’…



~ by khmetalwork on June 4, 2012.

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