Weekend Shows

Some rain forecasted again for the weekend…if it rains, that will make three weekends in row!    Really felt bad for the people at the Olivenhain show and the Potter’s Guild show last weekend.  Olivenhain was only one day and it poured, I managed to go over to the show between showers,  bought a painting and a couple of other small things.  From the number of empty spaces, looked like at least a third of the sellers opted out Saturday morning, I hate to say it, but I probably would have as well.   Those sellers who did the show set up in the rain, stood in the rain and broke down in the rain.  Worse, the show is in a semi-wooded area, wood chip covered dirt with lots of dips and little valleys – I’m sure the rain ran right down into some tents.

The Potter’s Guild sellers had two days for their show, I went on Sunday.   A fabulous day for an outdoor show, not a cloud in the sky, crisp but not cold (lo siento Olivenhain sellers).    I don’t know if a lot of pieces were sold on Saturday or Sunday morning, but there wasn’t as much work as I expected to see displayed.  Found a couple of pieces that I would have bought, but when I circled back after seeing the whole show both pieces were gone.  Oh well…

This weekend I’ll be at a show, second to the last for the year; can’t say I’m sorry to be ending the show season, but I do like meeting new people and connecting with previous customers and all my ‘show friends’.  Plus, I usually wrangle my daughter to help me at the show – she’s  moved into her own place while attending SDSU and I miss her very much – so 8 or 10 hours of set up, show and break down, is mitigated by having her with me for the day.

Here are the shows I found for this weekend in or near(ish) San Diego:


The Talmadge Art Show – ok, my favorite show, and  I’ll be selling here.  Sharon Gorevitz and Allen Greenberg put this show on three times a year in Point Loma at Liberty Station.  Sharon has a great eye for selection artists and fine craftspeople,  this is a juried show – all handmade, and there is always a nice selection of items to see and buy.  http://www.talmadgeartshow.com/


The Encinitas Fall Festival – it’s a street fair, not more I can say about it other than it’s in a super area, always an interesting walk through downtown Encinitas.    http://www.encinitas101.com/events/fall-festival/

Art in the Dunes.  I’ve never been to this show – honestly I have no idea where Bermuda Dunes, CA is located – but maybe…  http://bdcommun.com/ART_IN_THE_DUNES.html

Christmas on Third Avenue is a new show, don’t know anything about it other than The Talmadge Art Show used to be held in this location on this date.  http://sandiegowomansclub.org/events/christmas-on-3rd-avenue-craft-show-live-music/

Boardwalk Craft Market in Poway  – never attended this show, but it appears to happen every Saturday from Labor Day to Christmas.  http://www.poway.org/Index.aspx?page=604

And, not an Art Show – it looks like fun – haven’t made it up there yet, but I want to go.  The Long Beach Antique Flea Market & Swap Meet is this Sunday http://www.longbeachantiquemarket.com/


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