A crash course in SEO or Etsy’s new search default

Just when you think you’ve got it figured out…

Etsy has changed their Search default to ‘relevancy’ from most recently listed – totally makes sense.  Actually, truthfully I thought that was always the default – who searches by most recent?!  So, after the big hoo ha on the forums, I started really looking at my titles, tags and descriptions…they were kind of a mess.   Missing tags, nonsense tags, repeated tags – I got busy reading and *fixing*.  If anyone is having fits trying to figure out what’s ‘relevant’ here’s what I did with this beach glass locketsterling silver locket:

First thing, the title – I want to be make sure that most important words are recognized by the search engines whether that is google or Etsy.  This item is titled “Sterling Silver Locket with Beach Glass”   I would have rather named it something creative or romantic,  but no would search on ‘Big Sur over your heart’.

Next, I thought about the tags.  I want to think about the tags before I write the description so I can use those keywords in my description.  Some of the words I used are: beach glass, sea glass, sterling silver, silver locket, big sur california.

sterling silver locket

Next is the first line of my description – Etsy says they don’t include this text in their search algorithm, but I know other search engines do crawl these words, so I’ve tried to incorporate some of my key words into this sentence, while still making it readable:  “A smooth, glowing, perfect piece of beach glass from Big Sur, CA deserves a special case…a sterling silver locket built for this incredible sea glass pebble.

Hopefully, I’ve done it right (if you see problems with my listings, please let me know),  only 32 more listings to go.


~ by khmetalwork on August 31, 2011.

2 Responses to “A crash course in SEO or Etsy’s new search default”

  1. Hello!
    Have you seen an increase in views now that you changed your tags? I started a second shop and my views have been really low even though i think i’ve been tagging better.

  2. My views have improved, but I still don’t get the view that other sellers seem to have…a great day for me is 70 views. I know other sellers get many times that number, but I’m ok with it. I am watching the keywords and I’m seeing a good number showing up in the stats – right now (as of this writing), I have 10 keywords coming up as searched on terms, so I have those right at least.

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