Played, manipulated, taken

I’ve been watching the Ken Burns documentary The Civil War this week, last night was the end of the war & the assassination of the President. The political and cultural divisions of Americans at that time are so similar to our divisions today – the ‘haves’ vs ‘have nots’ and those who were not necessarily the ‘haves’ defending the culture of ‘their country’. That’s us today, except for Union vs Confederacy it’s Red vs Blue – we are in the midst of a civil war.

The Civil War was about money – pure and simple – not the romantic/simplistic notion of freeing the slaves, it wasn’t about slavery at all – it was about money, just as the current war between the factions isn’t about ideology, it’s about money. ‘We’ (everyone not in that 3% of income earners), are being played by rich – Americans are being pitted against each other against our own best interests for the benefit of the ultra rich and the corporations. This is a economic civil war and the American people are being steamrolled.

One example – why the hell are we fighting each other about clean air and clean water?! This should not be on the table for debate – we need clean water and air to survive as a species, but it’s now bargaining chit…how much crude oil is ok to drink or eat? We are manipulated into fighting amongst ourselves about something that should never be questioned – ever…it’s a distraction. While we decide how much pollutants (poison*) we can safely ingest, those top earners – on both sides – are stripping billions and billions from our pockets.

Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Tea Party…names made up to make it easier to distract us from the reality of what is happening to us and our country. We are being hustled – it’s a three card monty, the ball under the cup and a pyramid scheme all rolled up into one. Individuals are actually defending multinational corporations against taxes while most Americans pay sales tax, local tax, gas tax, state tax, federal tax, food tax – how much of our income goes to taxes?! All the while the major players not only pay little or no taxes, they get subsidies and tax credits from US – we pay our taxes so Bank of America (insert any major company name), doesn’t have to pay taxes on the money they earn from our patronage…what sense does that make?!

Americans are fighting a class civil war and most of ‘us’ don’t even know it. We’ve willingly committed ourselves and our heirs to slavery for the benefit of major corporate shareholders. Don’t kid yourself, unless in you’re part of the top 3% of money holders in America, you are being played by the ultra rich/politicians/major corporate shareholders.

*and people are mystified by the increase in autism, Alzheimer’s, cancers, etc…seriously?!…some constructive thought is in order.


~ by khmetalwork on April 8, 2011.

One Response to “Played, manipulated, taken”

  1. Beautifully written. It really is all about the money. It’s astounding to me that the real reason (money) is all hidden behind everything else. Take global warning — does it even MATTER if it’s real or not? It’s just good sense! Let’s do what we can to cut down on greenhouse gases, BECAUSE WE LIVE HERE AND IT’S SMART TO PRESERVE OUR PLANET! But no, it’s twisted into this huge faction of conspiracy theories and one side trying to disprove the other — and why? Because of money. So factories can continue to spew filth at whatever rate they would like to and not pay for remediation.

    It’s sad really.

    I haven’t watched this documentary, I’ll have to add it to netflix. Hope it’s on streaming!

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