New Year!

This is year I am determined to clear out the tools, stones, books and stuff I don’t use, don’t want – bought without thinking.  I even took some pictures of a tool used for metal forming, a couple of Fretz hammers and I even have my sinusoidal stake on the table ready for a photo – I’m serious.  Time to clean out the extraneous….

Or, so I thought…an email announcing the upcoming guild workshop arrived moments ago…the siren’s song of a workshop.   Betty Helen Longhi in February…damn it – best laid plans and all the rest.


~ by khmetalwork on January 6, 2011.

4 Responses to “New Year!”

  1. Love the look of your blog! It’s so cool. Guess what I’m going to do tomorrow? Yep. Clean out the work area. I fear mine is just more organizing than actually getting rid of stuff, but either way it has to be done.

    Workshops sound so nice. One of these days I must attend one.

  2. Hey Karen, your blog looks great and so does your work! Just started one myself but find it’s tough to get the time to keep everything current. Make jewelry or work on networking…tough decision!

    Be well! Susan

  3. Susan! How did you find this blog?! I hope you are well.

  4. Let us know if you decided to destash any tools. You know there are lots of us who may be interested.

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