$1.00 hammer

I found this little hammer at a flea market – it was a mess -> rusty & beat up, but I liked the shape and the size so I bought it.

First step: 220 grit sand paper to clean up the face.  I used sanding sticks (sandpaper wrapped around a paint stick) to keep the hammer face flat.  If I had a belt sander  – I would have used that tool to speed things up a bit.  Not that this clean up took very long…maybe 30 – 40 minutes from start to finish.

Next step 400 grit sanding stick.  You can see the the face is getting smoother.

Final sanding before Tripoli – 600 grit sanding stick.  These pictures don’t show it, but this is MESSY work.  Be sure to wear an apron and have a shop towel handy for your hands.

Using my buffer,  I spiffed up the face with some Tripoli.  I also took off the sharp edge around the face with a file and polished the edge with Tripoli.  I think it’s a great little hammer for $1.00!


~ by khmetalwork on March 30, 2010.

5 Responses to “$1.00 hammer”

  1. wow! I had NO idea you could finish an rusty old tool so easily! Just some elbow grease really… !

  2. I love refurbshing old hammers. What is equally cool is to buy old hammers or purchase elcheapos from the hardware store, and then cut, bur, file, shape into texturing hammers!!! Nice job on this one Karen!

  3. Wow! I am impressed with this as I would have never thought of refinishing an old rusty hammer for jewelry! Great idea and thank you for the step by step details as I am now going to be on the look out for one!

  4. An easy project – like Janice I do like to make texturing hammers – I actually textured the claws of this hammer. I’ll find the pics.

  5. Cool job KK

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