New direction…beautiful work

I’ve seen the light…no more negativity from me.

There are some really fine artists on Etsy, Trunkt, ArtFire, etc., today I saw some really marvelous work by a jewelry artist on Etsy  .   She doesn’t list her name, so I can’t call her anything but: her, jeweler, artist…

Her work is imaginative, whimsical, finely executed and beautifully detailed both front and back.    A couple of things that I really like about her work is the attention to the details, I like to see the backside of bezels designed with care, if only for the wearer.  Also, her touch of fun with the rattle of stones in the rings – I really like small details and noise.

Her cuffs are …well, pardon me while I gush in admiration – fabulous!  I wish she would have added some words about her technique especially about her cuffs, I can only guess that she’s chased and stamped the designs onto the metal.   I guess that’s I find just amazing – she didn’t just stamp/chase out some design, she created a picture and  told a story with her tools.  Her Spiders Jump Out Of Her Hair necklace is marvelous, I can only imagine what it looks like in person – look for the finger (how’d she do  that?!).

If you love seeing very fine metalwork jewelry, take a moment and look at this site.  I’d advise to buy now – I’m sure the prices will rise quickly.


~ by khmetalwork on August 13, 2009.

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