For three years my email signature has been “looking forward to 01.20.09”,  for most of the last four years my car has had a sticker with the same sentiment, and here we are 1.20.09.   I grew up during the war protests, the Kennedys, Dr. King, the woman’s movement, the beatles, stones, led zepplin, bowie, janis & jimi – I believed it all – equal rights and all you need is love…{so young and so naive}.  My idealism got the shit kicked out of it {more like stomped on} over the years especially the last eight years, but  – this election, this day – I’ve re-discovered my foolish, youthful ideas of power to the people, hope, optimism, we are all equal and  love is all you need.   Here’s to US{A}!


~ by khmetalwork on January 20, 2009.

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