Thirteen days and counting….’till vacation! Yessssss, vacation. We (spouse) are driving to Arizona on February 1, first stop Flagstaff for a few days – no particular reason, probably drive down to Sedona, maybe over to Kingman. Then, off to Phoenix for a couple of days – never been other than the airport. And then….{drum roll please}… Tucson (happy chair dance!) for three days. I am really, really looking forward to this trip. First, I love spending time with my husband (sappy, but true), love getting in the car at the crack of dawn with steaming hot coffee and just heading out for sights never seen, and then being in Tucson with all types of jewelry people and jewelry sellers – it’s getting hard to wait. …got my AGTA pass yesterday…(more chair dancing…). Chrysoprase, a couple of files, a goldsmith and raising hammer, forming mandrels, south sea and Akoya pearls, cabochons, 2mm diamonds, 2 & 3 mm colored stones, maybe some tubing if I can find it & some 3mm 14k gold beads – that’s my shopping list.

High on my Tucson to do, to go list is taking a morning walk in the Saguaro National Park. The last time we were in Tucson we stopped at the park on the way out of town, it’s incredible. From where we were standing, I could see quite a few locals park their cars, get on their bikes or just walk this particular trail we were standing above. I was so envious, the sky was bright blue and clear of smog, the air was just cold enough to remind you it’s winter in the desert, the ground was baked into beige and yellow rocks, and the Saguaros were everywhere you looked; sentinels I have to see what they’re guarding. Tall, short, armed, no arms, bright green, old and decaying, arms going off into crazy directions, I felt very much at home there and I need to go back. I have thought of that place countless times since my last trip to Tucson, I’ve taken that walk in my mind many times and I’m longing to feel and hear those rocks under my feet.


~ by khmetalwork on January 18, 2009.

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  1. Yay you! (I’m jealous…)

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