New year

Do you make resolutions? I do, quite regularly – annually, seasonally, a couple times – daily.  …not always great at keeping them, usually too lofty.   This year’s goals:

This year I resolve to put more effort into the  business side of my jewelry.  I subscribe to all sorts of newletters that advise on SEO, clicks, tracking, alerts – frankly I have no idea what most of it means.  I signed up for Google alerts, I regularly get Google Web Alerts for khmetalwork, for the life of me I can’t figure out what I’m supposed to see/understand/use from the alerts.   By the end of the year (hopefully sooner), I’ll know.

I resolve to risk embarrassement/humilation/feeling of not being worthly and contact galleries and stores and see if I can get my work into a few places.  I’m beginning to loathe doing shows; it’s a lot of work to find the right shows, apply, pay, set up/break down, travel, etc…I’m tired of it.

I resolve to work on the creative process even if that means not making finished pieces.   I found that just sitting at my bench with some metal, wire and stones without a goal or idea for a finished piece is really quite fun.     Lately, fun is often missing when I make pieces, that stops today.

Lastly, I resolve to master the art of making socks.  I want to make, no I want to master hand knit socks.   I have visions of chunky, cotton, turquoise socks with orange polka dots.

Happy new year!


~ by khmetalwork on January 3, 2009.

One Response to “New year”

  1. Do I make resolutions? Are you kidding me??? Seriously, I make ‘resolutions’ all the time – I resolve to do this or not do that…but I lack follow through – in a serious way. So my GOAL this year is to work on the follow through…to be more systematic.

    I love your idea of socks. I have a goal to sew – stuffed animal like things. We shall see. I bought materials and stuffing a couple of months ago – now just need to re-learn how to use the sewing maching. My mother has promised to teach me. 🙂


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