Politics and work

I struggle with the decision to let my political views be visible to the public or leave the subject politely unspoken. I have a sticker on my car, I have a signature on my outgoing non-business email accounts that clearly indicates my political bent, but I feel like a total fraud by carefully editing my views from my public business profile. I’m thinking about this topic because I feel compelled to make some political pieces, but putting those pieces for sale would without a doubt establish my political point of view. Are those of *us* who sell for a living, does keeping our politics out of view make us pragmatic or lacking in conviction?

Taking it a little further, does being polite, avoiding all public politic conversations for fear of insulting others or showing ourselves in a specific light contribute to the absolute morass *we* find ourselves in as it relates to politics and our politicians? The fringe of both politic parties introduces *us* to our political choices…while the middle stands politely mute.


~ by khmetalwork on September 1, 2008.

5 Responses to “Politics and work”

  1. Ahh, lovely topic. One I think about very often. Not necessarily re: politics, but religion. Both can alienate a lot of people. I do not think that remaining silent means oen lacks conviction, not at all! I think it means they are strong and perhaps wise, although I suspect some remain silent out of weakness and fear. My best advice is to follow your heart and be respectful. And let the chips fall where they may.


    And do you mind if I swipe this for the next synchroblog? I think its a GREAT topic and truly, it is one I think about A LOT. (not that I’ve made any real personal decisions about it….)

  2. I SO feel you on this. It bugs me that in America, where “free speech” is such an entitlement, we can’t intelligently and *openly* discuss either politics OR religion for exactly the reasons you mentioned.

    Over the course of the past several months, I’ve read some really vitriolic comments about p & r on various blogs, and it baffles me how much brain power is spent by people being offended by others who are simply expressing their views and preferences (that is, assuming those views are not intentionally and obviously offensive either). I think there are bigger problems in the world that should offend us…global warming, hunger, poverty, education, US foreign relations.

    For the most part I’ve tried to keep it out of my jewelry/business blog because I just don’t want to be bothered with having to wonder whether or not I’m offending anyone–it’s already tough enough trying to figure out why my stuff isn’t selling, and I don’t need that extra variable right now.

    It would really be interesting to more closely examine exactly WHY it is folks are so touchy about politics to begin with–religion, I can kind of understand (but not really). Politics, I just don’t get it.

  3. I forgot to mention–great post!

  4. I wonder the same thing, regarding both politics and religion, both online and at craft shows. I live in a very conservative/Christian area, and I am neither, yet I make things with crosses on them all the time. Maybe the question should be, do you buy from people who obviously hold a different religious or political philosophy from yourself?

    I may ponder this topic on my blog, as well. Great post.

  5. TAG! You’re it – post 7 random things about yourself and tag 7 other people. (you can read it no my blog – and blame Tammy – she started it!)

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