Starting over

I’ve tried the blog thing before, twice actually and it fell by the wayside faster than a new year’s diet plan. But, like that annual vow of exercise, low carbs and no sugar, I’m trying it again.

I actually have something to write about – Step by Step Wire finally published an article I submitted two years ago in the Summer 2008 issue. It’s an article about Aspect Ratio and making chain maille, really a simple concept but one that seems to confuse people new to making chain. I wrote the article as a handout for a couple of chain making workshops I taught at UCSD for the Crafts Center {if you’re local to San Diego – the Crafts Center is a great place to learn a new skill for relatively little money – here’s the link:}. Anyway, after the last of the workshops on a whim I submitted the text to the magazine – every 4 to 6 months an editor would email me and say they were going to publish it soon, a fun game but it did get old after awhile.   I finally got a contract a couple of months, a check earlier this week and saw it published yesterday. It’s ironic that I would write and get published an article about math (baby math, but math), when it took me 4 tries to get a passing (a D is passing) grade in college algebra.

The article was edited by the magazine and it reads a tad choppy and it seems like it’s missing some information – I’ll post the original copy with the accompanying chart (not included in the magazine article) later {read that, when I find it}.


~ by khmetalwork on July 26, 2008.

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